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Are Readers Laughing at Your Infographic, and Not in a Good Way? Three Tips

Written by Online Inforgraphic Creator. Posted in Homepage

Have you ever wanted to combine the punch of an image with the persuasive power of an article? Many people have felt the same way, and so, infographics were born. Infographics are a type of data visualization, a hybrid media form that conveys statistics and marketing data using easy to understand images. They are easy to make, and readers love them. Searches for infographics on Google were up 800% over the past year. Before you create infographics for your own site, though, there are a few things you should know. 1. A Few Techniques Consumers Will Laugh At You do not want to be the equivalent of the Dad who tries to be hip by saying Dawg and making the metal hand signal. In other words, there are certain techniques beginners often use that instantly make readers question their credibility. Stick to one simple typeset, and create visual interest with size and bolding, not by switching to Papyrus. Use a color palette to design the infographic so that their eyes do not