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Everyone Is Telling You To Use Infographics But Why?

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The marketing department at the office keeps talking about using this new infographic creator online. They are excited to get there hands on it to create infographics for all sorts of different marketing data for the company. You acknowledge that data visualization is an important way to impart the marketing data, but why specifically infographics? 1. Unique Infographics are a new and different delivery system for your marketing data. It is not a three paragraph write up explaining everything. By utilizing visuals and smaller pieces of information at a time, you are more likely to attract the eyes of the reader, and get them to read the whole thing, as opposed to just a single paragraph if you are lucky. 2. Visually Engaging By having color and pictures on the page, the eye immediately gravitates to it. Even if they are there for five seconds, the reader is likely to see the infographic and become intrigued. However, with the page that is just three paragraphs? The reader will navi