Information in Pictures and Graphs

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It seems that information graphics, or infographics, are everywhere. Infographics are visual (or graphic) representations of data which display complicated information in a clear and simple way. Websites featuring free infographics creators are popping up all over the internet. Infographics are all about data visualization. There are not long paragraphs of information which may contain terms that we are unfamiliar with or do not understand. Instead there are colorful pictures, charts and graphs. With many free infographics creators available, more and more individuals and businesses are using them. It is easy to find an infographic creator online. There are many to choose from. Some websites have free infographics creators that you can use yourself. Others are full service infographic companies that can help you design infographics that are more complex, and contain a lot of information. There are many reasons to create infographics. Businesses often use them to track sales information. They are often used in a medical setting like a doctors office, too. For example, a doctor might have a colorful, and even fun, poster displaying the causes and symptoms of asthma or chicken pox, or any other ailment. Infographics are used by all kinds of people, for all kinds of reasons. Retailers moving into a new neighborhood can put up colorful and interesting infographics to show what products and services they offer. Teachers use them to help with lesson plans. Many students are visual learners, and can pick up the lessons quickly when they are presented visually. Free infographics creators are for personal use, too. You can use them to create an attractive and organized to do list, or a calendar. They are good for any number of things that you need to keep track of.