Who Should Be Making Your Marketing Data Infographic?

Written by Online Inforgraphic Creator on. Posted in Homepage

If your business needs a marketing data infographic, you want to be sure that it is not just good, but exceptional. A well-designed and well-placed infographic can help to establish a company as an industry leader. Infographics are ideal ways to share information, boost social media connections, and increase traffic. Part of this wonderful phenomenon is the fact that more than half of the population learns best through visual cues, so most of the population is already receptive to infographics as a method for sharing information. But how will you get this exceptional infographic created? There are generally two options open to a company. You can either outsource the project, or attempt to complete it in-house. Here are pros and cons for each scenario.
  • Using a company.
  • A professional infographics creator naturally comes with the experience, resources, and talent necessary to create infographics of a high quality. They can also provide professional research for your marketing data infographic. Consider also that there is a benefit to using custom illustrations, which tend to generate more shares than infographics filled with simple graphs and charts. The downside of this arrangement is mainly centered around the costs you will incur. Some companies and creators use a flat rate, others charge by the hour. If the average hourly rate is between $50 and $85, you can expect that a company taking between five and seven hours on your project could run up costs of about $250 to $595, or more.
  • Using a staff member.
  • Benefits to having a staff member in-house use a free infographics creator include the opportunity to have endless revisions for your marketing data infographic. You need not feel too guilty about tweaking each little element until it is perfect when the work is done by someone on your own team. The downside of this path is that even though you save on using a free online infographic creator, you are still spending money on the project. Consider whether a day or more of your employee’s time is a reasonable or unreasonable cost, and whether there is anyone on your team that even has the desired skills and expertise to pull off creating a professional looking infographic.
At the end of the day, your decision will likely come down to which option is most affordable, convenient, and reliable. Using professionals offers certain benefits, but keeping the project in-house can also be valuable. Which route will your company take? Let us know in the comments!